Simply put, I am really a good girl. Truly, just a nice person. 🙂 I love my friends & family. I also love meeting new people (who doesn’t?), experiencing new ideas, opinions and ways of living. I like to be challenged. Sometimes, I have to remind myself to stop and “smell the roses” because I really, what is the point in rushing. I have lived long enough to recognize and accept that I AM GOING TO MAKE MISTAKES. Yes, I know, how terribly shocking?!? What counts is brushing picking myself up, brushing myself off and moving forward. The past is what it is for a reason. The future has untapped, unlimited possibilities. I believe, with firm conviction, that life truly is what you make it. I love to dance and sing . . . but that certainly does not mean I can do either well! If you were to meet me for the first time, I may come off as a bit stuck-up but that is not at all the case. I am actually pretty shy, but try to counteract that by asking a loads of questions. I hate surprises and being the center of attention– I think that goes along with being shy. I think this probably paints a pretty good “about me”, what about you? Bliss and Kisses!


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